About JC's Offshore Tackle

JC’s Offshore Tackle is located in East Falmouth, MA, on Cape Cod.

We design and build the highest quality offshore fishing tackle to catch tuna, marlin, swordfish, shark and other offshore species. Our attention to detail allows us to produce innovative products that generate impressive results for our customer: the offshore fishing enthusiast who loves to go offshore and fish the Canyons.

JC’s Offshore Tackle will equip you with the best tuna tackle designed solely by us and tested by our network of offshore sport fishermen. Every offshore fisherman knows the frustration and challenge of securing a “big catch”. How many times have you hooked on to something big, only to lose it because you didn’t have the right equipment? JC’s Offshore Tackle was conceived to solve this problem. Our high quality materials are imperative to withstand a giant tunas resistance, enabling you to boat your fish. Successful Canyon trips result when you are prepared with only the best offshore tackle. Jake Curley, the founder and owner of JC’s Offshore Tackle has been canyon fishing most of his life.  Catching his first tuna as a young boy is all it took to hook him on the sport of offshore fishing. Fishing the Canyon’s for big game became Jake’s passion and looking for a competitive edge became his mission.

 Jake got his start making offshore tackle during the summer months for Captain Kevin Glynn, the owner of Offshore Innovations on Cape Cod. Under Kevin’s direction, Jake learned the master craft of building offshore tackle and tuna tackle. With Kevin’s passing, Jake was inspired to start JC’s Offshore Tackle as a testimonial to his mentor whose zest for fishing became a symbol of his success. With many hours offshore, using his own tuna tackle, Jake has landed some note worthy catches and draws upon that experience for future designs. JC's spreader bars and JC's daisy chains are the best products on the market today. Jake holds a 50 Ton Captains license and also runs Jakamo Sportfishing Charters out of Green Pond on Cape Cod in Falmouth.  His goal is to continue to grow JC’s Offshore Tackle and become the #1 tackle choice for sport fishermen everywhere.

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